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Fundación Laboral de la Construcción

Since 1992, Fundación Laboral de la Construcción –Construction Labour Foundation– has been working to provide companies and workers with the resources needed to make possible a more professional, safer, qualified and future-oriented sector.


With this aim, the National Construction Confederation (CNC), CCOO Federation of Construction and Services, and Industry, Construction and Agriculture Federation (UGT-FICA) joined to form this non-for-profit parity organisation.


Fundación Laboral de la Construcción represents a referencing body within the construction sector, and a key ally to work for the future of companies and workers with regards to occupational health and safety, training, sustainability and new technologies.


Thousands of construction workers are annually trained in one of its 45 training centres. The training offer consists of more than 400 training actions, and more than 100 own manuals about different construction subjects. The Foundationi counts on the collaboration of more than 1500 trainers in Spain.


Training is focused on construction activities and is eminently practical and high-quality; its main aims is to (re)qualify workers and to contribute to their employability and professional development.


Address: Calle Rivas, 25. 28052 Madrid (España).


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Instituto Nacional de las Cualificaciones

The Instituto Nacional de las Cualificaciones was created by Royal Decree 375/1999 of 5 March 1999. It is the technical instrument, endowed with capacity and independent criteria, which supports the General Council for Vocational Training to achieve the objectives of the National System of Qualifications and Vocational Training.


Organic Law 5/2002, on Qualifications and Vocational Training, attributes to Incual the responsibility of defining, elaborating and maintaining updated the National Catalogue of Professional Qualifications and the corresponding Modular Catalogue of Vocational Training.


The governing body of the institute is the General Council for Vocational Training, although it reports organically to the General Secretariat for Education (Ministry of Education and Vocational Training), as established in Royal Decree 1553/2004, of 20 June.


Address: Paseo del Prado 28, 1a Planta. 28014 Madrid


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Instituto de Ciencias de la Construcción Eduardo Torroja

Instituto de Ciencias de la Construcción Eduardo Torroja (IETCC) belonging to Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) in the Area of Science and Technology of Materials. Its fundamental function is to carry out scientific research and technological developments in the field of construction and its materials. This objective is achieved through the development of R+D+i projects, financed by the National Research Plan, the European Union and the Autonomous Communities, as well as through research contracts with companies in the construction sector.


The IETCC also provides scientific and technical support to the construction sector through its technical assistance services and through its work on certification and accreditation of materials, products and systems for construction and building It is the mission of the IETCC to transfer the knowledge acquired to the sector through publications, patents, consultancy services, etc.


It collaborates in the development of the Technical Building Code, a compulsory regulation, providing permanent technical support to the Ministry of Development. Scientific-technical cooperation activities are also developed with the construction industry related to the evaluation of the suitability (DIT, DITE and DIT Plus) for the use of construction products, as well as their certification process.


Address: C/Serrano Galvache, N°4. 28033 Madrid


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Fundación Estatal para la Formación en el Empleo

Fundación Estatal para la Formación en el Empleo, belonging to the State Public Sector, is one of the bodies that make up the organizational structure and institutional participation of the subsystem of vocational training for employment. It belongs to the state public sector and its Board of Trustees is made up of the General State Administration, the autonomous communities and the most representative business and trade union organisations.


Its creation is established in Law 30/2015, of 9 September, which regulates the Vocational Training System for employment in the workplace, its main responsibility being to act as a collaborating and technical support entity of the State Employment Public Service in the area of vocational training for employment.


Address: C/Torrelaguna, 56. 28027 Madrid


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Centro de Investigación de Recursos y Consumos Energéticos

Circe is a research centre founded in 1993 with the support of the University of Zaragoza, to create, develop and transfer innovative solutions and scientific-technical knowledge to the business sector in the energy field.


Circe’s mission is to promote the improvement of energy efficiency and the deployment of renewable energies through the development of R&D&I activities and training actions that respond to the needs of national and international production sectors, contributing to sustainable development.


CIRCE’s mission corresponds to the following specific objectives:

  • Improving the competitiveness of national companies by improving their energy processes.
  • Developing and apply new technologies that improve energy efficiency and facilitate the deployment of renewable energies.
  • Developing training programmes in energy matters of international prestige.
  • Encouraging and promoting the improvement of energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies in society through dissemination actions and continuous training.


Address: Parque Empresarial Dinamiza, Avenida Ranillas Edificio 3D, 1ª Planta. 50018, Zaragoza (España)


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Instituto de Robótica y Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones

El Instituto de Robótica y Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones IRTIC) is a university research centre dependent on the University of Valencia and currently made up of four research groups covering different disciplines associated with the area of information and communication technologies.


Since its foundation in the early 1990s, the institute has sought to establish frameworks for collaboration with both public and private entities in order to promote the exchange of knowledge and bring research closer to the business world. IRTIC mainly develops activities of applied research and development of tailor-made solutions, promoting lines of action that provide a benefit to society. These activities take the form of projects and contracts on information management systems, telematic applications for traffic and transport, computer graphics and virtual reality, integration systems for the disabled, simulation of civil machinery, network services and computer security and digital image processing.


Address: Calle Catedrático José Beltrán 2, 46980, Paterna (Valencia, España).


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