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The success of sustainable construction depends on many actors: national and local public administrations, legislators, civil society, the educational sphere, research in new materials and solutions; and, of course, sectoral companies and professionals.

According to Industrial Construction Observatory figures, 12.4% of the construction companies are small (10-49 workers) and 86.3% very small (1-9 workers). One of the key objectives of Construye 2020+ is to transfer to the business network the innovations that are emerging in the sector and to make them aware of the need to bet on energy efficiency, renewable energies and nZEB, in order to improve their business opportunities.

Those organisations that collaborate with the project will take part of Construye 2020+ alliance, and will be invited to participate in the Construye 2020+ Forum, which is a virtual space to debate the challenges and difficulties found by different actors on the construction sector horizon.

As part of Construye 2020+’s commitment to make the sector more visible, we have designed the Observatories space where the latest figures and data from the sector can be accessed.