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The Project

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Construye 2020+ tries to take a step forward in the transition towards an efficient construction industry, in the use of sustainable, competitive energy, through the definition and development of an updated training and accreditation scheme for professionals in “green” skills. During the project, training actions will be implemented to make workers aware of the importance of using different techniques and sustainable construction solutions in all phases of the work, which means an improvement in the energy performance of the building. It will also include notions about the new digital site management systems: BIM and Lean Construction.


European Horizon 2020+ Program, Call EE14, Construction Skills, of the work package Safe, clean and efficient energy, CSA line Coordination and support action.

Project identification



36 months, since June 2018 until June 2021.



Construye 2020+ mitigates the threats of climate change, through training

Climate change and environmental degradation represent real threats to economic growth, human societies and ecological sustainability. Europe’s leading role in the fight against climate change is based on the European Union’s ‘energy and climate targets’ for 2020. Buildings play an important role in achieving these targets, as they contribute to 40% of the EU’s final energy demand.

The construction industry has in its hand to help alleviate these threats, among other actions, from Training. It is at this point that the Construye2020+ project finds its raison d’être, promoting training for the transition to an efficient, sustainable and competitive industry.


Developing green skills in Spain

Construye 2020+ will continue: Build Up Skills Spain (2011-2013) and Build Up Skills Spain “Construye 2020” (2013-2016), both beloging to the Intelligent Energy Europe programme (IEE) and led by Fundación Laboral de la Construcción.

For its part, the “Construye 2020” project was considered a success case in the European Forum of the Strategy for the Competitiveness of the Sector, on March 6th, 2017.


New boost for the green jobs, growth and sustainability

  • Training roadmap for sustainable construction.
  • Support to the project by experts and companies in the sector.
  • Design of the “energy auditor” qualification.
  • Construye 2020+ Route will bring the values of the project and the courses closer to 15 Spanish cities.
  • Creation the “green tag” to recognize the ecological skills of professionals.
  • Courses to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable construction.
  • Continue with the Build Up Skills initiative by updating six of its courses.