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New Energy Auditor Qualification

In 2016, Spain approved Royal Decree 56/2016 of 12 February implementing Directive 2012/27/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2012 on energy efficiency in relation to energy audits, accreditation of service providers and energy auditors and promotion of energy supply efficiency.

This standard created the need in the field of training to develop a new Energy Auditor qualification.

Construye 2020+ has as a partner the National Qualifications Institute, which is the technical support body for the General Vocational Training Council, responsible for defining, drawing up and keeping up to date the National Catalogue of Professional Qualifications.

Qualifications are the compulsory reference for the preparation of Vocational Training diplomas and the Certificates of Professionalism that accredit them, and must include all those elements that allow accredited persons to practise the profession.

Construye 2020+ project includes the design and development of the Energy Auditor qualification.