About Construye 2020+

Construye 2020+ aims to boost ‘green’ employment in the construction industry by promoting professional training and accreditation in Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Systems and Near Zero Energy Buildings.

Training for green skills

Focused training in energy efficiency for workers and foremen, and  updated BUS II courses integrating Lean philosophy and BIM methodology.

Green tag

Recognition of the trainees of Construye 2020+ training with a “Green Tag” to be included in the Professional Construction Card.

Energy auditor

An Energy Auditor qualification will be defined at national scope, answering to the training need identifies in the RD 56/2016.

Quintuple Helix Methodology


Dialogue among professionals of Politics, Economy, Education, Culture and Environment scopes, to create a roadmap to update training for sustainable construction.

Construye 2020+ Forum Platform


A meeting point for professionals who wish to share their point of view on sustainable construction and the link with up skilling workers

Business opportunities


Proposals of business opportunities and strategies coming from conclusions of different project activities dealing with actors involved within the construction sector.


Section for reports and analysis of relevant and updated information on visas, loans, social security memberships, tenders and other information on the sector.

Construye 2020+ Route

Construye 2020+ Route -continuation of the Construye 2020 Route- is a bus that will visit several cities in Spain and will provide training for professionals and raising awareness in sustainability in construction for all publics.