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Transition from the construction sector to a sustainable industry

Construye 2020+ boosts the transition of the construction sector towards sustainability, by promoting training among workers, and raising their awareness about the importance of their work in the energy behaviour of the building.

The results of the project are as follows:

1. Training roadmap for sustainable construction 
2. Specific training courses for workers on site
3. Green tag

A badge will be create to valorize those workers interested and trained in working for the savings in energy consumption.

Employees who pass any of the courses listed above are awarded this badge, and this badge will be included within the information gathered in their Construction Professional Card (TPC), if they had it, along with their experience in the sector and other courses taken.

4. Professional meetings and networking 

They are events managed to spread the word on news and opportunities from sustainable construction leaders to SMEs and teachers in the construction sector.

5. Energy Auditor Qualification

The need for the qualification of Energy Auditor derives from the approval of Royal Decree 26/2016, for the transposition of the corresponding European regulations regulating energy audits and accreditation of energy auditors, among others.

With this qualification, the national professional framework is created, which serves as the basis for designing a professional training qualification or a certificate of professionalism.