The fair Rehabilitaverde Sevilla learns about the energy efficiency and sustainable training of Construye 2020+

Construye 2020+ raises awareness in Andalusia about job opportunities in green jobs in the construction sector.

From 7-9th April, the city of Seville hosted the Rehabilitaverde 2021 fair, which integrates both face-to-face and virtual events, to raise awareness of new techniques in sustainable construction, energy rehabilitation and other construction models that are resilient to climate change and environmental needs.

At different information points throughout the centre of the city centre, citizens were able to learn about new trends in sustainable construction, as well as cutting-edge projects in this field, including Construye 2020+. Luis Miguel Morilla, head of Employment at the Andalusian Territorial Council of Fundación Laboral de la Construcción, presented the advances of the European initiative in the field of training and qualification in the construction sector, presenting the courses on Energy Efficiency for operators and middle managers, which will be available very soon.

In addition, the event included a model of a house (scale 1:5) where the energy rehabilitation systems are integrated:

Construye 2020+ is presented in Andalusia

Together with the Rehabilitaverde Sevilla 2021 fair, the project has participated in two seminars on professional opportunities of construction industry. In this sense, the project has participated in the echo of the initiative ‘Construyendo Empleo’ of Fundación Laboral de la Construcción to raise awareness of the opportunities of the new ‘green’ jobs, which represent a business opportunity for SMEs and self-employed.