Construye 2020+ joins ‘Building Employment’ conferences of Fundación Laboral de la Construcción of Andalucía

Fundación Laboral de la Construcción of Andalucía has organised two informative conferences on employment opportunities in the construction sector in Andalusia.

The Construye 2020+ project has participated in the training sessions on ‘Job opportunities in the construction industry’, held on 23rd December 2020 and 11th January 2021 in Andalusia, promoting the business possibilities of the construction industry of the ‘eco’ trends, which have led to the emergence of an efficient, sustainable and renewable industry.

The first seminar, ‘Opportunities for Companies and Professionals in the Future of the Construction Sector’, was held online, in response to the needs of Covid-19. It was organised by Fundación Laboral de la Construcción at Andalucía and the Sevillian Business Association of Builders and Promoters of Works (Asociación Empresarial Sevillana de Constructores y Promotores de Obras -GAESCO-), within the framework of ‘Construyendo Empleo’ (Building Employment). An initiative of the Foundation that was born with the aim of increasing the skills of workers and the competitiveness of companies in the construction sector. Also it bring the employment services of the joint entity closer to companies and workers, with the support of the social agents.

An employment round table, organised by the aforementioned Territorial Council and the Provincial Council of Granada, was held at the Civic Centre of Atarfe on 11th January. The event was attended by more than twenty people, including a significant number of trainees and trainers, as an example of the success of the conferences.

In this sense, Construye 2020+ recalled the importance of training when it comes to adapt the skills of professionals to the new construction scenario. To achieve this, the partnership is working on updating the Build Up Skills courses and developing Energy Efficiency courses for  operators and middle management.