First focus group to validate Construye 2020+ course on Thermal insulation of buildings

Construye 2020+ partnership is launching the first focus group with experts to validate the training coursesthat are being developed by the European initiative to promote ‘green’ learning in sectoral workers.

Today the first focus group was held to validate the Construye 2020+ courses, through videoconference, in order to comply with the security measures established by the Spanish government about Covid-19. During the discussion, led by Fundae and Fundación Laboral de la Construcción, and with the presence of representatives from the partnership, we were able to hear the opinions of the 20 experts in training, learning validation, teaching innovation, thermal insulation and sustainable construction, who tested the platform of the course on Thermal insulation of buildings first-hand.

During the session we have taken the recommendations into account, to apply following it in the Mooc (Masive Open Online Course) with the help of the Institute of Robotics and Information and Communication Technologies (IRTIC) of the University of Valencia -technological member of the consortium-.

Improving the green impulse in the construction sector training

As it was exposed during the debate, the partners of Construye 2020+ will develop eight courses aimed at the highest number of trades in the construction sector to improve their skills in sustainable construction. The training itinerary of the European initiative can be broken down into:

  1. Energy efficiency for operators. 
  2. Energy efficiency for middle managers.  
  3. Geothermal works.
  4. Aluminium and PVC carpentry.
  5. Thermal insulation.
  6. Biomass systems.
  7. Heating and hot water systems.
  8. Profitability of energy efficiency in buildings.