Construye 2020+ holds fourth partnership meeting via online

Representatives from Fundación Laboral de la Construcción, IETCC from CSIC, Fundae, Incual, Circe and Irtic from the University of Valencia, together with the project officer Zoe Wildiers from the European Commission’s Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME), discussed and addressed the design of the project’s eco courses.

After the first half of the project and the presentation of the first results, the entire partnership met on March 24th to discuss the next steps of the initiative and to define the dissemination campaigns that will take place in 2021. The meeting was held online, due to the isolation policies implemented by the Spanish government of the COVID19 health crisis, and was attended by Zoe Wildiers, the official technician of the European programme Horizon 2020, belonging to the European Commission’s EASME.

During the conference, the objectives already achieved by the partnership were presented, such as the definition of a Training Roadmap to build a sustainable industry, and the design and development a part of the specific courses, for sectoral professionals, in the field of Energy Efficiency.

Also we addressed the updating and development of a training offer in eco skills, in the area of Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Systems and Nearly Zero Energy Buildings, which will be promoted in the coming months from Construye 2020+.

Building a new sector

Part of the success of the initiative lies in the media impact of Construye 2020+ and in a partnership of excellence composed by experts of the sector and training, as highlighted by the Fundación Laboral team -leader of the initiative-, who addressed the group’ s work to strengthen society’s ecological awareness. As part of the objective of transferring the project’s know-how to the society. The consortium has begun organizing the Construye 2020+ Route, scheduled for 2021, which will travel to different cities in Spain to bring eco-training closer.