Fundación Laboral discusses the evolution of works that have applied BIM in their construction

Fundación Laboral de la Construcción de Andalucía has organized a workshop to provide an overview of the Building Information Modeling (BIM) methodology and its implementation in buildings.

Yesterday, more than twenty professionals from construction sector attended at the center of Fundación Laboral in Granada, to learn about challenges of construction industry 4.0. The conference addressed the «BIM construction management models» from a practical point of view, during it speakers presented real works with BIM application, and they demonstrated beneficies of this metodologhy: reduction of errors and increase the control during all work phases: layout, execution of foundations, control of budget items, certifications, etc.

Manuel García, an expert in digital transformation of BIM companies, presented the evolution of works that have applied BIM methodology in their work execution processes, at the first phase: communication between agents involved in building process to the using tools moment that obtained real and updated information.

During workshop, Luis Miguel Morilla, head of Employment Bureau of Fundación Laboral in Andalusia and a Construye 2020+ project officer, introduced aims and contents developed by project, highlighting the consortium’s aim to promote eco-training in sector, and they effort to disseminate new materials and construction systems in new industry.