Improving comfort and energy efficiency of buildings through thermal insulation

The Incual organized the conference on «Thermal insulation: Correct installation for compliance with CTE 2019», as part of Construye 2020+ actions aimed to bring sustainable construction closer to sectoral entrepreneurs.

Instituto Nacional de las Cualificaciones -Incual- (National Institute of Qualifications) addressed thermal insulation solutions used in the sector during workshop for «Correct installation for compliance with CTE 2019», which was held yesterday at the headquarters of National Institute of Technology and Teacher Training (INTEF) of Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.

The event was attended by more than twenty professionals, including: teachers, methodological coordinators from State Employment Service (Servicio de Empleo Público Español -SEPE-) and from Incual, together with representatives of  National Reference Centre in Paracuellos, and with manufacturers, and installers.

During workshop, different insulation solutions aimed to improve user comfort and energy efficiency of buildings, in compliance the requirements of new CTE 2019, were presented. To this end, the aim was to inform and train attendees to identify and transmit critical points in an installation, which were shown how to use small, simple and accessible computer tools to perform hygrothermal calculations in building enclosures.

This conference is part of Construye 2020+ project actions, which seeks to strengthen and expand the ‘eco’ skills of construction professionals. Following this line, Álvaro Pimentel, general secretary of Association of Installers and Manufacturers (Aisla), presented the new regulatory framework on building (DB-HE of the CTE 2019) and requirements involved in an insulation installation of new construction or rehabilitation.

In addition, during workshop the speakers presented the most relevant aspects in a correct installation of:

  • Insulation of facades from the inside.
  • Insulation of chambered facades.
  • Insulation of facades from the outside.
  • Roof insulation.
  • Floor insulation.