Competitive level of construction industry, analyzed during the Economic Helix

On November 14th, Fundación Laboral de la Construcción hosted the Economic sphere of Construye 2020+ Quintuple Helix. The workshop was attended by representatives from the company ‘Promociones y Construcciones’, ‘PYC’, ‘Pryconsa, SA’; Association of Construction Companies of Madrid, Municipal Land and Housing Company of Getafe, SA; and Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving; Madrid City Council, Arroyo Bodonal Cooperative; companies ‘Ingenova’, ‘Gestión y Organización para Empresas, SL’; Polytechnic University of Madrid, the Industry Federation, Construction and Agriculture of the General Workers’ Union, Spanish Institute of Cement and its Applications, and the trade union ‘CCOO’ of construction and Services. The meeting with the experts and professionals was focused on economic level of construction, with aimed to identify several perspectives on sectoral actions to continue to be a economic driver of the Spanish market. The partnership conect economic challenges of the industry with the training workers. during the meeting, the participates exchanged their opinions and drew future of the sector about productive activities, methodology of work and the working organization, which gave very good results.
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