We started Quintuple Helix meetings of Construye 2020+ , with the Political

On September 19th, 2017, Construye 2020+ project started Quintuple Helix Methodology with the first meeting, which addressed political sphere, with Eduardo Torroja-CSIC Institute of Construction Sciences (IETcc-CSIC) as coordinator of the workshop in its facilities at Madrid. This first helix was attended by representatives of Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving, Madrid City Hall, Spanish Office of Climate Change, Centre for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research, National Association of Rehabilitation and Reform Companies, National Construction Confederation, Association of Air-Conditioning Equipment Manufacturers, Association of Construction Promoters of Spain, Spanish Association of Light Façade and Window Manufacturers, Green Building Council Spain and Association for the Defence of Nature. The objective of this helix was to bring together professionals from entities that provide value to political sphere of construction industry, so they could identify sectoral challenges as an industry and about training requirement by companies.

Dynamization with the ‘World Café’ technique

The present helix was energized with World-Coffe technique, in which attendees were divided in two groups, both guided by a chairperson from consortium. This role is in charge of gathering the main discussed ideas that were divided on three topics, always related to the field of the helix:

  • Theme 1: Challenges and developments. Challenges and new materials, technology, construction systems or work organisation in sector.
  • Theme 2: Difficulties. Barriers that the sector faces from different areas: from regulations, from business dynamics, workers, customers, etc.
  • Theme 3: Measures. Proposals for solving these barriers or overcoming the difficulties described above.

This workshop encouraged the exchange of professional opinions in an informal way. The main reason about this, it’s becouse they partipated in a small group that made it easy to be part of debate. In addition, the diversity of the discussion group allowed to achieve several perspectives of the discussed topics.




If you want to know more about Political Helix, you coul download the report (in spanish):

Coming soon the next four helix: Educational, Economic, Cultural and Environmental